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Consignor FAQs

How do I sign up to be a consignor?

Registering to be a consignor is quick and easy! First, choose a consignor option HERE. Then, read about how to sign-up HERE. Be sure to carefully read the Terms of Service agreement before completing your registration process. You can immediately begin entering items into the system!

What can I sell at the KangaKids Quality Consignment Expo?

We accept baby, toddler, kids, and tween clothing (girls size newborn-16 & boys size newborn-20) and related items (toys, books, equipment, furniture, decor, etc). We also accept maternity clothes. All items must be clean, must work (including batteries), and in good-to-excellent condition. All clothing must be seasonal (spring/summer items ONLY for the Spring Event and fall/winter items ONLY for the Fall Event). 

How should I price my items?

Minimum price per item is $1. Price items in $0.50 increments. 

You may wish to bundle items together to increase your sale (example: 3 onsies for $2)

Some good guidelines to follow when pricing your items:

  • Ask yourself what you would pay for the item.

  • Consignment price should be between 50-90% OFF the original price.

  • Price it to sell! Determine if it is more important to you to have it gone or to make a good profit on it. Price accordingly.

  • For more suggestions on how to price, see our PRICING GUIDE


What type of clothing condition do you accept?

All clothing must be freshly laundered, clean, and of current style. We will not accept any items that have rips, tears, stains, fading, broken zippers, missing buttons, excessive wear, pilling, wear at knee or hem of pants, cracked or damaged images/graphics. Shoes must follow the same guidelines. Bring your best items!


What season(s) of clothing do you accept?

Only fall/winter clothing items will be accepted at the Fall events, and only spring/summer items are accepted at the Spring events. 


What items will not be accepted at the sale?

We do not accept VHS tapes, car seats or bases, cribs manufactured before June 28, 2011, or any item that has been recalled by the CPSC. Sellers are responsible for making sure their items are not on the recall list.


What happens to my items after the sale?

If you are a CONCIERGE consignor or mark your items for donation, your items will be collected by KangaKids staff and donated to a charity of our choosing. If you are a DIY consignor, your items will be available for pick-up after the sale. ALL items must be picked up by 4pm on Saturday, immediately following the sale. See SALE INFO for specific times. . Any items remaining after this time become property of KangaKids to be donated at our discretion. . 

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