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Pricing Guide

Kanga Kids wants to help YOU, our consignors, make the most from your items. The table below (desktop viewing only) offers some good general guidelines, but you are free to price items as you wish. 


As you are pricing your items, here are a few thoughts to keep in mind:

  • What would YOU pay for this item?

    • Consignors often mistakenly price items based on how much they want to earn on an item, rather than what a shopper will pay. Asking yourself what you would pay can often be a reality check. 

  • Is your goal to sell as much as possible or make as much as possible? 

    • Some consignors are in it to make money, while others just want ALL THE STUFF gone! Price your items accordingly. We'd rather give you a big check after the sale than a big stack of unsold items. 

  • What condition is this item (good, excellent, new-with-tags)?

    • Good condition items may bring in 10-15% of new cost, while items in excellent shape may bring closer to 25%. New-with-tags, items can expect 30-50% of retail. ​

  • Is this item in high demand?

    • High-demand items like kitchens and outdoor playhouses can be priced accordingly. In excellent condition, some will bring 50% or more​ of retail. 

  • How will this item be displayed?

    • Items that look the most attractive will draw the most attention. Wrinkled, haphazardly-hung, dusty, or disassembled items are a turn-off to buyers. Presentation counts for a lot in the consignment world! 

If you're not sure how to price an item, send us a message - we'd love to help!

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