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How to Tag Your Items to Sell

  1. Register as a consignor - click HERE for more information on how to sign up.

  2. Read our Consignor FAQ section for more information on what items will be accepted at the sale.

  3. Hang all clothing items on hangers (hangers will not be returned) as shown below, with the top of the hanger facing left, forming a “?”. Please use safety pins to hang pants, shorts and other accessories on the back on the shoulders rather than folding them over the hanger or pinning at the bottom of a top. This will pull and possibly tear your garment. Depending on the style of garment you may wish to use additional safety pins to secure your item to the hanger for extra security.

  4. When hanging pants with safety pins, pin them to the TOP of the hanger, not the bottom bar. 

  5. Use the online tagging system to enter the details for each item. Remember to check the boxes for discounting ("Dis" box) and donating ("D" box) for each item. See #14 below for more information. 

  6. Print your tags on WHITE cardstock or heavy-weight paper. Please do not use plain copy/printer paper, if possible. Cardstock tags are less likely to tear or fall off your items. Cut tags and attach to the upper right corner of your item with a safety pin. 

  7. If you choose to attach your tag with a tagging gun, tag only through a seam or label. 

  8. Use the best quality printer you have available. Scanners at checkout may not properly read low print-quality tags. If you do not have a printer or need help with printing your tags, send us an email at

  9. In addition to tagging each item, we ask that you consider writing your consignor number and price on masking tape or use computer generated labels with your consignor number and price and place on each item. This is YOUR insurance policy that if your tag falls off we can either identify it, still sell it, and match the lost tag, or return it to you at the end of the sale. Even if you don't wish to add a label to every item, you may consider labeling your more expensive/important items. 

  10. The minimum price per item is $1, and items may be priced in $0.50 increments. 

  11. You may wish to bundle items or put together outfits to sell as one unit. Please clearly label and secure together each bundle (example: sell 3 onesies for $2)

  12. Please sort items by size and gender for faster drop-off. 

  13. Competitively price your items. PRICE TO SELL! What would you pay? Normally 25-30% of retail is a good general figure to go by when pricing your items. We'd rather give you a bigger check than a lot of unsold items!  Click HERE for more information on how to price your items.

  14. Super Saver Saturday! If your item doesn't sell for full price on Friday, you have the option to discount it on Super Saver Saturday. Items not marked for discounting will still be available for sale on Saturday at full-price. Items priced under $20 will be discounted 50%, and items $20 and over will be discounted 25%. During the last two hours of the sale, items marked for discounting AND donating may be discounted up to 75%. No other discounting options are available. Any items incorrectly marked for discounting may be removed from the sales floor and/or sold at a discounted price at KangaKids discretion. ​Please refer to the notes provided on the tagging program for more details. 

  15. KangaKids reserves the right to refuse or remove items from the sales floor that do not comply with KangaKids guidelines or quality standards.





Use zip ties or large safety pins to attach shoes. Pin card securely to shoes. Please do not use shoe boxes or tape to secure shoes.



If the books are small enough to bundle in a gallon zip lock bag, tape the top of the bag and tape the tag on the outside of the bag. Tape tags with scotch tape (never packing tape) to the back cover of the book. Tags that are taped directly to the cover of the book may damage the book when the tag is removed. We accept board books, picture books, early readers, chapter books, as well as pregnancy & parenting books.



Toys must be clean and in working order, including working batteries. Kanga Kids will, at our discretion, replace non-working batteries at a cost to seller of $1 per battery. Toys with multiple pieces or small pieces should have all pieces included and secured in ziploc bags or wrapped in clear plastic. It is your responsibility to securely attach these items. Clearly describe the contents of the bag(s) on your tag. We suggest using clear packing tape to seal the bag at the top to keep hands out.

Please be sure all pieces and parts are included with games and puzzles. Shoppers hate to get home with their new treasures and find that they are missing pieces and parts or broken! On large items, simply tape the tag to the item for easy viewing and removal. If the item includes extra parts, please make note of them in the item's description. Place masking tape with your consignor number & price on the bottom or underneath side of each large item.

It is critical that all small pieces and toy parts are securely attached and labeled with consignor number and price. Kanga Kids cannot be held responsible for missing items.


Items that we cannot accept:

Car seats

Breast pumps/parts

Stuffed animals/characters

Any item that is currently on the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission recall list. Please check if you have any questions about your items.

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