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About Us

We love our kids, no doubt about it. What we don't love? ALL. THE. STUFF.

If you've got kids, then you understand how much stuff it takes to raise those little crumbsnatchers from birth to independence. As fellow moms, we are in the war with you - the fight to keep the overflow of stuff to a minimum. And, that's why we created the KangaKids Quality Consignment Expo. With KangaKids, you have an opportunity to turn your stuff into cash in your pocket. You can also shop for high quality, gently used items to keep your kids clothed, occupied, and safe for lots less than buying new - and with far less hassle than garage sales and online buy/sell/trade sites. 

Meet Our Staff

Cara Elbert

I'm a City Planner by day and entrepreneur on the side! I got involved with Kanga Kids Consignment Expos as a way to help me purge my own two sweet kiddos clothes and toys and find deals on great new stuff as they never stop growing. I fell in love with the consignment sale concept along the way! When the opportunity came up to purchase the business, I knew I had to jump at the chance. I'm a big city girl turned small town Iowa transplant and enjoy the small-town feel of community that we've found in Iowa. My husband and I think Iowa is a GREAT place to raise our families. I'm a mom of one boy and one girl, so I get to experience all of the pink, dresses and girly fun along with all of the sports and legos I can handle. I'm excited to continue the great legacy that has been started with Kanga Kids Consignment Expos and am thankful for all of the support in  this venture. 

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