How it works:


  1. You fill out a form HERE, beginning 4/4/20. Include ALL the relevant information we need to select the items you need for the upcoming summer, including sizes, styles, needs, and budget. 

  2. You complete ONE form for EACH CHILD. Be sure that your stated budget is PER CHILD. 

  3. Kanga Kids selects items based on your needs, wants, and budget, and will email you a photo of items and a total price. 

  4. You confirm the items and the sale amount via email, then pay your invoice within 24 hours. Items not confirmed AND paid for within time parameters will become available to other shoppers. All sales are final. 

  5. Kanga Kids will deliver items to Spencer on 4/25/20 (South T Farmers' Market, 1-1:30pm) or Oskaloosa on 4/26/20 (PCM north parking lot by Mi Ranchito entrance, 1-1:30pm). These are the ONLY pick-up times available. Please make arrangements to have someone pick up your items at this time. Items will not be mailed/shipped. 

  6. To receive the best selection, please submit your requests early. Forms must be submitted by 4/19/20. 

  7. Kanga Kids will double and triple check items for holes, stains, excessive wear, all working parts and pieces, etc, but as always, all sales are as-is and final. 

  8. If we’ve learned anything the last few weeks, it is that things can change overnight. If the State of Iowa changes policy on leaving homes or sheltering in place, deliveries may not take place as scheduled. Items will be delivered once restrictions are lifted. 


The more information you provide, the better we can select items that you and your kids will love. We have a wide variety of items, not just clothing! Think of ALL the items your kids might need for the summer months, along with any wants that you are considering. Again, the more specific you can be, the better we can search our inventory to get you what you want!