At KangaKids, we believe it is important to support those in our communities. When you support KangaKids, you also support these great Iowa-based organizations who are making a difference right here in Iowa and all over the world. 

KangaKids believes strongly in the mission of Kadens Kloset, "physically and tangibly meet the needs of children and families within our community and beyond."

When you choose to have KangaKids donate your unsold items at the end of each sale, you will be helping to fulfill the vision of this wonderful organization: 

"Kadens Kloset supplies material items and necessities for families, sustains ongoing services for foster and adoptive families and equips people to engage in caring for children and families in need."

Human trafficking is destroying lives all over the world and right here in Iowa. We, at KangaKids, believe that is unacceptable. We've joined the fight by donating time, energy, and money to provide assistance to those affected by human trafficking. 

Okoboji 200 is an organization that raises funds through a one-day, 200-mile bike ride from Des Moines to Okoboji to raise awareness and money to fight this crime and support those whose lives are affected by it. 

Items donated to KangaKids are sold at our sales, with proceeds donated to Okoboji 200. 

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